Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I should have something snotty to say about all this, but I don't.

Iraq Violence Leading to Abortions, Drug Abuse Among Civilians

Justin Rood Reports:

Pregnant Iraqi women who have been forced from their homes by worsening violence are obtaining illegal abortions because they are unable to get medical care for themselves and their unborn, according to a new report by a national humanitarian group.

A record number of Iraqis -- most of them women and children -- are fleeing their homes to escape the bloodshed of sectarian violence and anti-U.S. attacks, according to a new report by the Iraqi Red Crescent organization, the largest aid group operating in Iraq.

Health care is inadequate and difficult to access for those people, according to the IRC report.

"Pregnant women, infants and children are unable to get...required medical care," states the report, which was translated from Arabic, "and criminal abortion became [sic] the norms."


"The outlook is bleak," the Red Cross noted, and "likely to worsen."

Spreading democracy one death at a time.

I wonder what all the evangelicals will think about this when they find out.

Oh wait, they'll never hear about it, Faux doesn't want to sully their chaste minds.


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Ok, off topic, but Mitt Romney is done. He'll never recover from this:

"One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I'd be a great president."

Then again, I though Bush's draft dodging would sink him. Not to mention his general stupidity. I was wrong about that.

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