Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Aw, their wittle feelings are getting teh hurt!!

Reid's No Daschle

Don't look for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the old Nevada boxing coach, to back down under the GOP's assault. He's just plain rude to President Bush when he calls the prez a "liar" and "part of the culture of corruption" like he did Sunday on Face the Nation.

Just consider what his spokesman, Jim Manley, told me today: "What the Republicans are trying to do to Senator Reid is what they did to [former Senate Minority Leader] Tom Daschle, and it's not going to work." Recall that the GOP ably attacked Daschle to the point that he lost his seat to Republican John Thune. Today, the Republican National Committee and the Nevada GOP chairwoman issued E-mails to supporters bashing Reid's harsh language when talking about Bush.

Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan said that "given the dismal state of Congress under the Democrats' leadership, Sen. Reid's choice of words is unfortunate, but not unexpected..."

In my neck of the woods, the utterance appropriate here would be "F*** that noise".

If the president lies, then he is a liar. If a Senator in the United States Congress states "The President is a liar", and has reason to say so, more power to him. Mr Bush has every opportunity to prove him (and me) wrong. Have at it George.

How about Senators that take pot shots at a President's child? Seems to me that would be more in the "rude" or "impolite" or even "unfortunate" category.

The Spectator Jul 4, 1998

THE OTHER day, Senator John McCain stood up to address a Republican fundraising meeting. `You think that was a tasteless joke?' he began, referring to the previous speaker's Viagra gag. `Listen to this one.' He then unburdened himself of the following jest: `Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her real father's Janet Reno.'

Or how about just juvenile slurs?

When Senator McCain's Republican colleague, Dan Burton, called the President a 'scumbag', the Incivility Police jumped all over him...

Jumped all over him deservedly I might add.

So, my point is if you have a problem with Senator Reid calling the President a technical term for a person who does not tell the truth, pony up the proof he isn't or STFU.


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I don't get why anyone is still defending the president, or even thinks that the office makes him infallible and thus off limits to criticism. Actually, it is just the opposite in my opinion. A president, whether good or bad, of ones party or the other, should receive constant criticism from every single citizen of this country. Keeps them on their toes and keeps them from hallucinating about the omnipotence of their office. They need to constantly be reminded that they 'are only mortal'.


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