Sunday, June 10, 2007

Libby And More Libby

I have to admit I wish we could all just shut up about this topic, as some other important things happened this know like the death of the 3,500th soldier in Iraq, more proof that Osama is alive in letter form, a colonel who killed himself because he opposed Iraq.

And most of these stories have been ignored for either Paris or Scooter nonstop.

But, Steve Benen, noted blogger and fun dinner partner, has an interesting analysis of the situation I thought I had to discuss. It is this. It should be a no-brainer for Bush to pardon Libby. Actually, anything Bush does is by definition a no-brainer, but we'll talk about that another time.

The point here is the base is already pissed at Bush for a variety of reasons. Mainly immigration. But also spending, how he has managed the War in Iraq, etc. To the sort of hypocritical scum-slurpers who supported impeachment for Bill Clinton, Libby is the new Abu-Jamal Mumia.

In other words, Bush's base, which are the only people who still support him, is beginning to crack. He is now under 30% approval in at least three polls I have seen. This, in other words, should be a no-brainer from an amoral political point of vew, or the point of view Karl Rove and Dick Cheney call "thought."


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