Monday, May 21, 2007

Gorgeous pic from Cat

All sorts of interesting stuff that comes to me thru the intertubes....

Diabetes Drug Linked to Heart Risks

Richardson Officially Announces '08 Run

A Well-Deserved Honor for Joe and Valerie Wilson

Experts predict scorching summer

Cops Investigate Nude Photos of Nursing Home Residents

Route 66 motels an endangered species

Prediction: Trump Coming To Fox Biz

Officials to Dye Problem Bears in Alaskan Wilderness

Naked Couples Lawsuit Dismissed
A lawsuit by a couple forced out of bed by police was thrown out by the Supreme Court, which said the circumstances were regrettable but not an affront to the Constitution.(ha!)

Imbibing may slow dementia in seniors

Town dumps revenge on John Cleese


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Anything interestine going on out there?


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