Saturday, April 21, 2007

Today is the day I look forward to all year. The final snow has melted and I shall now attempt to remove the glaring proof that I have two dogs from the yard.
Lucky me.

As usual, great pic from Cat of a protester leaving East Grand Rapids after our Pretzenits visit.
More pics over there, so go check them out.

Bout time.
Catholic Church buries limbo after centuries .
I grew up Catholic and always thought Limbo was a raw deal.

Um, don't hold back there Barney! (snark alert)

So. Harry Reid should resign because he said the war is lost (per wingers).
How about these guys?

Two fun quizes-
Who's Speaking, Lieberman Or The White House?
and The Pew News IQ Quiz. I did awful on the first one, 96% in the second one. ahem.

Bad juju for Gonzo.
Robo-Rethug Rep Adam Putnam calls for Gonzo to resign.. If Putnam says it, it's because he was told to. Gonzo is toast.

Steve King weighs in on the VA Tech shootings. He's been asked to comment on violence vs media for almost 30 years. Money quote?
On the whole, I don't think you can pick these guys out based on their work, unless you look for violence unenlivened by any real talent.

Finally, I'm hosting the Saturday Nite Losers Club at Daily Kos tonite about 8ish. Stop by it should be fun. Theme? Baby Boomer Birthday Edition. (Iggy Pop turns 60! today!!)


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Texas Kaos has this.

Happy birthday Iggy!

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That Frank clip is awesome.


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