Monday, April 09, 2007

Northup/McConnell In Further Trouble In Kentucky

Amid reports that Anne Northup dropped nearly 10 points in the polls after Mitch McConnell became so worried about the efforts against him that he stopped fundraising for her, Northup's campaign has now gone up on the air with an ad that will barely be seen. In an attempt to project a show of strength equaling incumbent Ernie Fletcher's campaign, Northup announced she was airing her first ad this week. However, conservative blogs are reporting that her funds are so depleted that she can only go up with 660 points in Louisville, 450 points in Lexington, 125 points in Bowling Green, and cable television in Southeastern and Northern Kentucky. Remember that these last two areas are Republican hotbeds where she desperately needs to cut into Fletcher's lead and even selected running mate Jeff Hoover in part because she thought he would bring votes from the Southeast part of the state. Fletcher is going up with 1,000 points in each of these markets. In addition, one high-dollar Northup fundraiser for last week was changed to a "meet and greet" with no donation required. Northup cannot be happy that Mitch McConnell was forced to bring George W. Bush to Louisville to raise money for himself from the donors they hoped to tap for her campaign. Clearly not good news for Northup and McConnell.


At 2:24 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

Buh bye Mitchie.


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