Thursday, April 26, 2007

Broder and One More BS Lieberman Column

I saw Cliff's comment this morning on the David Broder column. If he was trying to define inept, his column certainly helped. He criticized Senator Schumer for pointing out the war in Iraq is lost, but the overall war on terror is not lost. I'm not sure why Broder doesn't understand that the war in Iraq and the war on terror are two separate entities, but most everyone else gets the distinction. At least, most everyone who didn't get their start covering the Hovver Administration.

And even if you think Reid was guilty of a verbal gaffe (which he wasn't), does that make him as inept as Gonzalez? This is a guy who lied to Congress, couldn't remember who he met with and what they discussed, and has lost the confidence of just about everyone in Congress, on both sides of the aisle. Are you serious?

In addition to that vapid column, The Washington Post also green lighted another load of bull from Joe Lieberman. I'm sure you're all surprised that Joe believes we're making progress again, and that leaving is still a bad idea. I believe this is at least the fourth time he's written this column since 2003, and despite the deteriorating situation, he says the same thing.

What I love about this column is when Joe says leaving Iraq is exactly what Al-Qaeda wants us to do. Really Joe? Right now, Iraq is bringing more recruits for Al-Quaeda and giving them a training ground, and an opportunity to kill Americans every day. Couldn't it easily be argued that Al-Qaeda would rather us stay in Iraq, bogged down there, unable to pursue them elsewhere? Aren't we giving them exactly what they want, a recruiting mecca and a training ground all in one? It's sad, but Lieberman is becoming more unhinged and more irrelevant every day.


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