Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cliff makes GOP 'strategist' Karen Hanretty look like a total fool on MSNBC:

CLIFF SCHECTER, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: ... Maybe the Republican strategy should be to send over Mark Foley so he might actually scare the children of the insurgents, but I haven't seen anything intelligent come out of them recently.


HOST: Karen, in the (President's) radio address that we broadcast just a couple of hours ago, President Bush said the reason for the uptick in violence is that terrorists are the ones who are trying to influence public opinion, here in the US. What's that mean to you? How's that being done?

KAREN HANRETTY, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Well of course they're trying to influence. Look, we've seen it in more than one election where Osama Bin Laden releases a videotape, or, you know, these people are probably watching MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, they're watching all the national cable networks.

CLIFF: That's because Bush never caught them.

Then Karen makes this face ..... oh so priceless:

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sorry I have not yet gotten back to full speed here. Every day I miss another Republican is being investigated, so it pains me to take a break. But the kid is just so darn cute.

In any case, I taped a PBS segment today called White House Chronicle. Not the usual fight-fest, a roundtable discussion with respectable types (yeah, I also don't know why I was there). It will be on PBS outlets across the country, yet I don't currently have a list of specific channels and times--unless you live in DC or Maryland that is:

MD - Maryland Public Television at 530PM
DC - WHUT PBS Affiliate Howard University Television at 6PM and again at 6:30PM on Sunday

Also if you are looking for more of a poltical death match, that would be on MSNBC tomorrow, where I will do two segments between 12 and 1 PM against your basic Republican miscreant. Don't cut and run. Watch.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ok, I just couldn't wait a few days for this one.

Question: What do you do when you are a hypocrite, moral disgrace and all-around pathetic neo-troglodyte who is getting trounced in the polls by a rising star in the Democratic Party?

Why you try and get him kicked off the ballot of course.

Seriously, you folks from Ohio, and everyone else, make your voices heard. Blackwell proved in 2004 he will lie, cheat, steal and then do all three once again in succession, if it means getting his grubby little hands on power.

Call his office in Ohio and raise hell about this potential affront to Democracy.


Let me apologize humbly to the readers of this site for my absence of posts for a good four days. In my defense, my wife just gave birth to our son. So I hope you understand.

Will be back and posting within a day or two.

Now go help your local Democrat win!!