Friday, November 10, 2006

Markos has a great post over at DailyKos--maybe you've heard of it--looking at the Senate races in 2008. This is one reason why it was so key to do what we did this year in the Senate races (besides putting the breaks on John Bolton's ever-expanding evil milk mustache)--because we can literally blow them out in 2008.

There will be many vulnerable Republicans up for reelection, from Norm "white teeth" Coleman in Minnesota to Mitch "stuff more money in my pants" McConnell in Kentucky to potential open seats in Maine (if Susan Collins lives up to her two-term pledge), Virginia and other spots (let's see how Republicans like being in the minority--I expect a few retirements).

If conditions remain right, a big if, we could run the table and pick up an additional 6 seats and possible more...