Saturday, August 04, 2007

There has been rumblings about this on and off, so much that the government isn't putting out it's periodical report on electricity in Baghdad anymore.

It's the opposite of their "If you keep repeating it you will make it so", version 2.0, "If you just never mention it, it isn't happening.

Iraq Power Grid Said to Be Near Collapse

Associated Press Writer
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraq's power grid is on the brink of collapse because of insurgent sabotage of infrastructure, rising demand, fuel shortages and provinces that are unplugging local power stations from the national grid, officials said Saturday.

Electricity Ministry spokesman Aziz al-Shimari said power generation nationally is only meeting half the demand, and there had been four nationwide blackouts over the past two days. The shortages across the country are the worst since the summer of 2003, shortly after the U.S.-led invasion to topple Saddam Hussein, he said.


At 6:01 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

I'm sure it makes for some pissed off residents.

At 8:08 PM, Anonymous jerry said...

Do you know they make "portable" power generators that take up a container. They are self-siting. Just unload from the truck, pour in diesel gas, and off you go.

After the fall of Baghdad, when the energy problem became apparent, and when we really did have six months and good will on our sides, and when our invasion in March was justified because it would be way too hot in the summer, and when we took a deep look at the electrical infrastructure and decided it was crap, well at that point,

I wondered why we didn't load up a few container ships and build and ship these generators as fast as we could.

Imagine if instead of 3 hours a day of electricity, every block had a container with a generator that was actually meant to a) power that block and b) hook into whatever grid existed at that block and feed to other blocks?

Here is an example I just googled:

This is why I hate Bush. So many squandered opportunities.

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