Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pic via Cat of course

This picture sums up for me pretty much what the summer has been like up here in the "heartland" of IN/MI/IL- Mild, sunny and gorgeous. Now, having said that, tomorrow will be 101, we won't get any rain for 40 days and the mosquitoes will set up camp in my backyard.

Lil bits o' news today.

Australia to Name Park After Steve Irwin

200 trapped in Gateway Arch for 2 hours

Some allege Geek Squad agents copy your files

Texas Flooding Strands Passenger Train

Teen Sex Rates Stop Falling, Data Show

'Rather strange' college application not a bomb

Road rage prompts shutdown of Calif. highway under repair

The priest and the stripper

Even in Arizona, McCain's political hold loosens

Woman faces charges for kissing painting

Wild Horses Help With Border Patrol


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