Monday, July 16, 2007

The GOP's Gambling Problem

In his sycophantic column on Sunday extolling George Bush, William Kristol closed his column with this line.

What it comes down to is this: If Petraeus succeeds in Iraq, and a Republican wins in 2008, Bush will be viewed as a successful president.

I like the odds.

On the same day, on the West Coast, GOP wordsmith and rug wearer extraordinaire Frank Luntz wrote the following;

The simple answer is that it doesn't look good for the Republicans. A GOP victory is not absolutely out of the question, of course, but getting there would take a forward-looking agenda, unparalleled message discipline, a strict focus on the millions of independent voters, an innovative candidate and campaign and a lot of luck.

In other words, don't bet on it.

Nothing like conflicted cliches to start your Sunday. Hey fellas, either the GOP is a good bet to retain the Presidency or they aren't. But may I suggest with those oddsmaking skills, neither of you two geniuses ought to head to Vegas any time soon.


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