Monday, July 16, 2007

GOP lawyer sold on Dems
5 top candidates impress trial attorneys: 'I couldn't eliminate one of them'

July 16, 2007
After watching the top five Democratic candidates for president speak before a trial lawyers' group Sunday, attorney Jim Ronca of Philadelphia, a staunch Republican, became certain of one thing: He is not going to vote Republican in the 2008 presidential election.

He will support the Democrats.

"I'm not only going to vote Democratic, I'm going to financially support the Democrats," Ronca said after a luncheon forum of the American Association for Justice, featuring Gov. Bill Richardson, Sen. Barack Obama, former Sen. John Edwards, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Joe Biden. "The Republicans in Washington are an embarrassment."

Ronca said he was impressed by Obama's "presence" but not certain "about the substance underneath," but his friend, Ted Oshman of New York, said he "was surprised all the candidates "were so strong.

"I couldn't eliminate one of them."

What's that? You hear a bell tolling? Hmmm....


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