Saturday, July 07, 2007

An Amazing Response To "Impeach Cheney" Video

To quote an old song, "there's something happening here." People are sick of a venal, vengeful and vapid Vice President in an executive position--or not, if you believe his lawyer--where he can continue to do grave damage to this country's traditions and future.

Well you have all spoken. Yesterday, the Brave New Films video on this issue (disclosure #4,000, I work for them) got 100,000 page views and just under 300 blogs linked to this effort, all in only 24 hours. We got terrific writeups from The Nation, Mother Jones, Think Progress and the inimitable Howie Klein, among hundreds of others.

Thank you so much everyone. Whatever your personal opinion, the 54% of the country that want to see these proceedings begin are not crazy. They are, in fact, patriots, who want to protect a nation of laws, and not men who shoot their friends in the face.


At 11:35 AM, Blogger Paddy said...

It is a damn good video.

At 1:14 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

I must have gotten 10,000 emails with links to the video and to the petition.

Okay, maybe 6. But the point is, you're right, "there's something happening here". I've haven't seen such a rapid crescendo of voices since Katrina.


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