Friday, June 22, 2007

Rumours "R" Us.
Gore’s 2000 team stays on sidelines

By Alexander Bolton
June 22, 2007
Most members of Al Gore’s inner political circle have not yet signed up with any presidential campaign, triggering speculation that the 2000 Democratic nominee will jump into the race for the White House later this year. But Gore’s ex-aides and advisers say they do not think their former boss will enter the presidential fray.

The "Money Graph".

Judging from public records of campaign contributions, a large number of Gore’s top fundraisers have not yet settled on a preferred candidate. Ten of Gore’s 25 top fundraisers in 2000 have not given any money to a presidential campaign this year, according to a review of campaign records. An 11th, Charles Bone of Nashville, gave a mere $500 to Clinton.


At 10:34 AM, Blogger Paddy said...

Man I miss Cliff.

At 3:59 PM, Blogger L.S./M.F.T said...

Maybe the reason that some Gore aligned big money types haven't ponied up any cake yet is because it's TOO DAMN EARLY?

I'm suspicious as to why the MSM is really pushing it hard as if it were Oct. of 2008 and there wasn't anything going on and the Dem's still hadn't whittled the field down to one candidate. I think that they, (the MSM), are trying to give the Dem's a, 'Bums Rush', to provoke either a premature and faulty choice of a candidate or other gaffe to heap megatons of criticism upon said faux-pas, from now until election day. All the while the Repiglican candy-ass, er... I mean candidate is still hiding in Rove's basement waiting to see who it is the R's have to trash in order to make it look like they want to win this upcoming election. (Which they don't, there's nothing left to steal. And if the Dem's were smart they wouldn't want to win either.)

Four more years of this fascist bullshit will prove to Americans, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Democrats face as opponents not a political party but a criminal organization worse that either NYC's Five Families or Chicago's Combination, both in sheer size and extremity of malice. This administration has raped America of almost every dime it has. Similar to the job the Doge of Venice did to Constantinople/Byzantium, during the crusades. They even stole the stuff that was nailed down. And the nails, too. But I digress.

Maybe the Gore 2000 crew isn't getting big time gigs with the current D-candidates is because of being possibly responsible for, or at least associated with, the second-worst American political decision of this young millennium, Vice-Presidential running-mate, "Holy" Joe Lieberman. That, and the fact that Al lost not the election per se but he isn't President either, even though he DID win, must give other politicians pause about having any of those workers on any of this cycle's teams. Maybe the other Dem's think Al's team are bad luck? Who knows?

(Fuck-All! That was a lot of typing.)


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