Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nissan Plans $3,000 Car (Only In India)
As Board Members Forgo Bonus, Due To Dip In Profits

(CBS/AP) Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn told shareholders Wednesday that the Japanese automaker's board members will forego their bonus pay to take responsibility for poor performance.

He said Wednesday the Japanese automaker was working on a super-cheap $3,000 car for the Indian market, but the date for its sale was still undecided.

Ghosn said the need for such a vehicle is apparent for the Indian market and because a rival has already announced that one was coming.

Imagine that. The board members won't take bonuses and they are working on an affordable car. Huh, very strange.


At 9:12 AM, Blogger Paddy said...


At 9:48 AM, Blogger gimmeabreak said...

Its called pride. The good kind.

At 1:47 PM, Anonymous jerry said...

Didn't read the article, but while getting transportation and improved logistics around the world is a very good thing, environmentally this is actually a disaster unless it is being built (the way all cars should be and aren't)

to use ecologically sound fuels
to be easy to repair
to be easy to recycle

I'm not saying they shouldn't be doing this, I am saying that if this year's gas price increases are due in part to rising Chinese demand for oil for their cars, then creation of a $3,000 car placed into a new market in India will only make that worse.

Greener cars across the world and more and better mass transit.


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