Monday, June 25, 2007

Fredo Flops Again

In the recent dust-up over Vice President Cheney's refusal to abide by the law, we were once again able to see how unfit Fredo Gonzalez is for office. When government officials asked Fredo to rule on whether Cheney was to be covered under the law, Fredo did, well, nothing. He never answered the requests, because a loyal soldier like Fredo would never stand up to Cheney. First and foremost, Fredo's clients are the Bush Administration, not the American people. And that's just wrong.

A new battle has erupted over Vice President Dick Cheney's refusal to submit to an executive order requiring a government review of his handling of classified documents. But the dispute could also raise questions for embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. For the past four years, Cheney's office has failed to comply with an executive order requiring all federal offices—including those in the White House—to annually report to the National Archives on how they safeguard classified documents. Cheney's hard-line chief of staff, David Addington, has made the novel argument that the veep doesn't have to comply on the ground that, because the vice president also serves as president of the Senate, his office is not really part of the executive branch.

Cheney's position so frustrated J. William Leonard, the chief of the Archives' Information Security Oversight Office, which enforces the order, that he complained in January to Gonzales. In a letter, Leonard wrote that Cheney's position was inconsistent with the "plain text reading" of the executive order and asked the attorney general for an official ruling. But Gonzales never responded, thereby permitting Cheney to continue blocking Leonard from conducting even a routine inspection of how the veep's office was handling classified documents, according to correspondence released by House Government Reform Committee chair Rep. Henry Waxman.


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