Saturday, May 26, 2007

Since it's Memorial Day weekend, I'd like to memorialize a few things:

Let's never forget who saved us from WMD, conceived a prudent, rational plan to spread democracy, went after those who attacked us on 911 and went after them over there so they wouldn't follow us here, liberated the Iraqi people, and, oh, well, you know the rest. Analysts Warned of Iraq Post-Invasion Chaos

Let's remember forever what evil people the Clintons are. CEO Funded Clintons' Travel

Let's memorialize Bush's successful efforts to bring peace to the middle east. Airstrike Targets Hamas Post

Let's remember solemnly how BushCo was so wrongly blamed for leaking the identity of a covert CIA operative, putting her life, as well as the lives of others, in danger and ruining her distinguished career. Special Prosecutor Seeks 30 to 37 Months in Prison for Libby

Let's not ever forget how Bush has made our economy so much stronger. US housing market deteriorates at faster pace than expected

Let's burn into our memories the lengths to which the Bush administration will go to save our environment and protect us from global warming. US Rejects G8 Climate Change Proposal

Let's always recollect how, under this administration's watch, we feel safe and protected in our everyday lives, right down to the toothpaste we use. China Presses US on Food Regulations

Gosh, there's so much more to commemorate, but I hope and I pray with all my might that this brief tribute will make us all stop and think--every single Memorial Day weekend--how very much this judicious, altruistic bunch of patriots has done for America.

Let's never. Ever. Forget.


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Amen o rama.


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