Tuesday, May 01, 2007


New Rasmussen poll out. No good news for Senator Clinton. For the first time, Senator Obama leads the race, albeit with a statistically insignificant lead of two points (Obama 32%, Clinton 30%, Edwards 17%).

Meanwhile Obama and Senator Edwards have similar favorable/unfavorable ratings, with the former's at 59%/34% and the latter 57% 35%. Yet, Clinton's breakdown is frankly kind of scary, at 48%/50%.

Just as interesting, Edwards does the best in general election matchups. He is the only one to lead all three Republican top-tier candidates (Clinton and Obama lose to Giuliani by statistically insignificant amounts, while Edwards holds a 6-point lead over the man who may appear on ballots simply as "9/11").

I think inevitability and electability just exited the building, Senator Clinton.


At 8:27 AM, Blogger gimmeabreak said...

I think inevitability and electability just exited the building, Senator Clinton..

God, I hope so.

At 10:37 AM, Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I'm not particularly happy with Sen.Clinton and the way she is handling her campaign. She is not Bill and she should not be running her campaign as he did. For a woman who says she is her own person, she seems to be perfectly happy to let her "people" tell her what to say and when to say it. Not happy with that woman, at all.

I was a bit skeptical at first of Obama, but so far he is doing a good job, IMO. I'm also very proud of Edwards. He has stepped up and made some very bold moves and isn't running his campaign in a timid way, as I thought he would. He was the first to step up and refuse to debate on Fox News. He scored a ton of points on that issue alone, AFAIK.

What really bothers me is the free pass that the MSM is giving Guiliani. They keep repeating the propaganda about his stellar handling of 911 and leaving out the fact that it was his so-called leadership that left our first responders with faulty communications and his bright idea of having the security offices in a place that was most vulnerable during an attack. None of this is being reported, except on the liberal blogs. Sounds to me like the MSM hasn't learned their lesson after their support of King George. They always seem to back the wrong horse.

Flip-flop Fred is the other guy that the MSM is trying to portray as another Ronald Reagan. Of course, Ronnie was another idiot that they tried to portray as the golden boy. They never mention how he drove up our national debt and ripped apart the Unions, especially the damage he did to the airline flight controllers. They are feeling the hurt from that to this day.


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