Thursday, May 03, 2007

A few things while I prepare to be mesmerized by the GOP candidates debate.

Guess it was a good thing I didn't get that job with Donnelly, huh?
He was one of only 14 Democrats to vote against the Hate Crimes Act. Indiana has been scuffling with it's own version, so I guess he didn't want to be more equitable than his state. (You can see how your Rep voted by clicking on that link)

Sure, things are going SO well with the FDA, they are planning to close 7 of 13 field labs.

The labs check for compliance with federal guidelines, protect consumers from unsafe, ineffective and mislabeled products, and help investigate public health threats such as product tampering, bio-terrorism, food-borne illnesses and contaminated blood supplies.

Several of the facilities helped investigate the recent pet food scare and E. coli and salmonella outbreaks in spinach and peanut butter. On the heels of these crises, the proposed lab closings have been met with strong suspicion.

"In the middle of all these outbreaks and contamination issues, the timing of the proposal is extraordinarily bad," said Chris Waldrop, director of the Food Policy Institute at the Consumer Federation of America.

"The timing of the proposal is extraordinarily bad". Huh, rack that up as understatement of the week.

Lookie here!! NYT gives an actual "journalist" (one that did his homework and was skeptical of the build up to the war) a job as Public Editor.

Finally, it's nothing but a rumour, a dirty filthy rumour that should be given no credence whatsoever, gossip is horrible, pay no attention!! (h/t Nicole Belle)


Party Hound Mary Ellen declares this a Gabbly Night!!
So, forsooth, I second that declaration and shall abscond to!


At 7:32 PM, Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I'm taking a tally during the debate to count how many times 911 is said. Giuliani alone should ratchet up those numbers. I just hope he wears his best evening gown for the occasion.


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