Wednesday, April 11, 2007

OhDave You Devil!

Our friend OhDave, who comments here often and like myself, is a Buckeye (I've been waiting for the chance to say that!), has an interesting take on the new Isikoff article on Abu Gonzales, Rove and other assorted cretins.

Is Isikoff getting played?


At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Mary Ellen said...

I'm sorry but this is OT...please forgive.

I was just watching CNN when they had the interview with Secretary of Defense Gates and a general (don't know which one, I was double tasking). Anyway, the when asked by a reporter how they explain that they will now have to serve 15 months per tour of duty in Iraq, but they could go back multiple times, that wasn't in their papers when they signed on to join the military. So, the General said that he felt that those who signed on knew full well that we were in a war and that they might be asked to do this. (paraphrasing,of course). SO...after the interview a CNN reporter in Iraq said that she thought the General was way off on that statement and she said, "When I talk to the soldiers here, they say..." ....the sound cut out. Nothing..nada. She was talking away and after a long time the sound didn't kick in until she said, "The one thing I do agree with in what the General said..."and the sound stayed on.

Coincidence? Censoring? (hi BC!) Of course, it could be that this only happened in my area. Did anyone else experience this while watching CNN in the last half hour or so?

At 4:33 PM, Blogger gimmeabreak said...

Cliff - I read the Isikoff piece. It probably wouldn't be the first time he was played.

The problem now is that if he's being played AFTER the outing of the media as a whole being played all along (read all of Greenwald and Froomkin for years), then he is a fool of the highest order and should be shunned.

Get your buds on The Young Turks to ask him. Let us know what you find out!

I'm sorry I missed that, ME. "audio problems" sometimes happen at bad times.


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