Monday, April 30, 2007

Didn't they get laughed at enough when they first trotted this out?


Quiet Bush Aide Seeks Iraq Czar, Creating a Stir

WASHINGTON, April 29 — Stephen J. Hadley would be the first to tell you he does not have star power. But Mr. Hadley, the bespectacled, gray-haired, exceedingly precise Washington lawyer who is President Bush’s national security adviser, is in the market for someone who does — with the hope of saving Iraq.

Mr. Hadley is interviewing candidates, including military generals, for a new high-profile job that people in Washington are calling the war czar. The official (Mr. Hadley, ever cautious, prefers “implementation and execution manager”) would brief Mr. Bush every morning on Iraq and Afghanistan, then prod cabinet secretaries into carrying out White House orders.

“What we need,” he said in a recent interview, “is someone with a lot of stature within the government who can make things happen.”

What an aggravatingly idiotic article. They start out with this asinine premise that we need a "War Czar" and then deteriorate into a slobberfest over "Quiet" Stephen Hadley, aka A Freakin' War Criminal Like The Rest Of Them.

Ooooh, a lady from his church comments he's "warm and funny"! Aaaah, he wears "grey flannel pajamas"!!!

Aaaah Ooooh, he helped plan and implement an illegal war and the subsequent deaths of at least 50k innocent civilians!! What a guy.


At 9:23 AM, Blogger Paddy said...

Still more coffee needed.

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