Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bob Geiger has the goods on the new "scumbag" The Bush Administration is trying to install in Belgium as our Ambassador. He was a Swift Boat Funder:

But what's especially interesting is that if you really look under the hood of where this guy's political heart is at, you find that in late 2004 he gave $50,000 to no less solid citizens than the Swift Boat Liars who made it their mission to discredit a highly-decorated Vietnam Veteran in John Kerry.
This is another chance for Dems to show they have an actual spine. Sink the bastard.

I was sickened when a man who spent the 90s sliming his way through "the Arkansas Project" to get President Clinton impeached was confirmed as Solicitor General. Would the GOP ever allow that to happen?

There are many other examples of this, sadly.

Well, here is another chance to prove you won't take this crap from the GOP anymore guys. There must be no smooth sailing for the swift boater. Maroon his ass on Skull Island.


At 8:17 AM, Blogger Katherine Graham Cracker said...

speaking of Big Fat Liars

John ONeil leader(sic) of the garbagescow liars was on Faux Olds this morning and he is now Mr. 5x5 --according to the rules of the right too fat to be in politics

I'm sure his carbon footprint is pretty large


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