Thursday, August 09, 2007

One More Crazy GOPer For President

One would think in light of well-reasoned remarks blaming Americans for 9/11, coming from members of the GOP base such as the late Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps, John Cox would fit right in with this band of blow-dried Gorgons.

For some reason, though, they are trying to exclude him. Probably for saying out loud in this video what they are lustily pontificating in their tortured innner-monologues. But that is not the only part of this "musical enterprise" that offends me.

As my pal Matt Ortega says:

It's GOP fear-mongering meets cheap '80s hair band rock.
Yes, as you know if you just watched it, the video is that bad. And to make matters worse, he besmirches the great musical legacy of Led Zeppelin. I grew up on those guys, so that really ticks me off.

From what I hear he also hangs out with Mitt Romney's sons. So he's a wimp too.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

God, that sucked.

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Kirsten said...

Robert Plant, Jimmy Page-
Come and sucker punch this jackass for ruining your song.
I don't know what makes me angrier- the fact that this guy is thinking he should run for president, or the fact he is ruining The Immigrant Song for me.

At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy is a bored millionaire who has raised about $13K in his 17 months of traipsing all over NH, SC and Iowa. He's a CONSTANT source of amusement, as this video proves.

I think his campaign slogan is "Look at me! Look at me!"

At 12:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was surprised, but glad, to see that our state's very own John Cox was allowed to speak at the big Iowa Straw Poll event. He gave an impressive speech.

Mr. Cox is sharp, intelligent, ambitious, and energetic, and was actually the first candidate to formally announce for President of the United States.

I want to try to avoid openly endorsing a single candidate, as of now, but I will say that it is too bad that the fiscally and socially conservative John Cox does not have more name recognition, and major media coverage.

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