Saturday, August 11, 2007

"The allegations challenge President George Bush's repeated claims that the US does not use torture."

A British resident held by the US as an alleged terrorist has claimed his captors repeatedly tortured him, subjecting him to beatings, sexual abuse and threats of execution.
"We don't torture." --President Bush, August 9, 2007
Then what in the hell is this:

He says that in Lahore prison he was subjected to electric shocks: "The more I scream they will laugh and do it again ... my screams all in vain."

He says that in Pakistan he was handed over to the Americans who hooded him and placed him on plane in a torture position. [...]

"I was thrown in the plane. There were many others in the torture position."

After he was moved to Bagram in Afghanistan, he says he saw electric shocks used on other detainees and here he also saw death threats, with guards pointing their rifles at the Muslim men.

He says he also witnessed a prisoner shot dead after he had gone to the aid of an inmate who was being beaten and kicked by the guards: "The American said he tried to take the gun."

Another inmate was beaten to death: "One by the name of Abdaulmalik, Moroccan and Italian, was beaten until I heard no sound of him after the screaming. [...]

Another inmate, Mr Deghayes claims, was beaten until blood dripped on the cell floor and he was left "paralysed and mentally damaged".

In Bagram he says he was chained in a cage "with hands stretched above [my] head ...causing suffocation".

In Bagram he says he went without food for 45 days and was subjected to water torture: "They hold me naked in the night, freezing cold, and throw buckets of water and fill the bucket and throw [it] again. I shiver and shake badly and try to sit down to gain warmth. They kick and punch and say stand up until I fall to the ground in weakness."

While moving from Bagram to Guantánamo, he says he was so ill he suffered hallucinations that he was back in the UK and travelling on a train, after beatings and 45 days without food.

In Guantánamo Mr Deghayes says he was beaten on his first day. Special teams which tackle allegedly disruptive prisoners repeatedly beat him up, he claims.

... He says an FBI interrogator called Craig said he would face execution, and that he would not get a proper trial.

He says: "Many times one FBI interrogator by the name of Craig said, 'Omar, it is nothing like the law you studied in the UK. There will never be a proper court and lawyers etc, it would be only a military tribunal to determine your future and your life. Your best choice is to cooperate with me."

He says he was subjected to taunts insulting his religion and during his first year in Guantánamo a Qur'an was thrown in a toilet, causing a riot among inmates. As a punishment his head and beard were shaved.

In Guantánamo, he says, "they would pretend to search and want to put their hands on people's genitalia".

"We don't torture." --President Bush, August 9, 2007


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At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So proud.

At 6:57 AM, Blogger ohdave said...

He's not the first to say thi. Unfortunately none of the dopes in our WH press corpse will follow up on the questions of torture by asking him specifics. Moazzam Begg's excellent book discribes Bagram and Guantanamo in specific detail.

Then there is also the "loophole" that we send people like Mahar Arar to other countries where they will be tortured.

Bush should be in jail for these crimes.

At 2:20 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

Yep, OhDave, confirmed, agreed, acknowledged, and joining you in pulling my hair out.


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