Saturday, June 09, 2007

Housecleaning stuff....

Ad stuff- When we first got the ad for Blue House, I popped over there and fell in love. Eco-Friendly, carbon offset shipping no less!! Check out their site, and if you're in the Baltimore area, you probably already know about them. Neat stuff.

I hope I don't have to explain to you how important the "Freedom to Marry" petition is!! Pop on over and sign it, please?

Representative Kucinich has a 12 point plan for peace. Worth checking out.

Paul Rieckhoff's book is a compelling read (almost done here), and all the other books that are noted in the sidebar are perfect summer reads.

Please click on all our advertisers (so they will continue to advertise) and if you are thinking of buying something from Amazon, clicking on one of our links to go through benefits us. Each of the books that we have linked to Amazon through are hand picked by The Cliffster himself.

And for all of you bemoaning the lack of Cliff lately, the book is in the editors hands, he's tying up some loose ends and should be back to typing for us intertube people any day now today.


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Off to the races!!!


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