Monday, April 23, 2007

RIP Boris Yeltsin

Yes, he did like the drink a bit too much. But I will never forget his standing down the Russian tanks in 1990, as the hardline Communists tried to take back control. And frankly, the period of time during which he was running the place was the only time Russia actually was a semi-functioning democracy.

I know: Chechnya, some questionable business deals and handing over the reins of goverment to Putin. All bad. But life is relative folks. And he is one of the two best political leaders to come out of Russia in a long time (of course Gorby too).

I don't think he knew how bad Putin would get. I have no proof, but a man who stood up to tanks and risked his life to protect freedom...well that's my feeling. And now Russia has become this. If a democracy, certainly barely only by the skin of their teeth.

RIP Boris Yeltsin.


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your right, and he had great humour. He made me laugh and showed the west that Russians do have a sense of humour. Some saw him as a figure of fun but I think a man like Yeltsin had to come for to pave a way forward for Russia. He was a glimmer of light. God rest his soul.


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