Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pretty much the only thing the Politico is good for these days is DC gossip,and I found this tidbit today. (they say it's an oldie, but I think it's a goodie I've never heard before)

Afterward, he (Rangel) stopped by a young Democratic club event where he repeated -- and we're paraphrasing here -- one of his old favorites:

"I often get aggrieved with President Bush -- the things he does, things he says, but one thing I have to remember is to give him a break in my thoughts because this man all by himself has totally disproved the myth of white supremacy."

And the crowd went wild.

To quote Mr. 5th Blogoversary Atrios.... heh indeedy.


At 11:04 AM, Blogger Paddy said...


At 11:55 AM, Blogger Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Hi All:

Rangel was on Lydia Cornell's radio show last Saturday. She has show archives on her radio show site.

Here is an article she posted on my site this morning.

The Truth

At 9:53 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

Does anyone listen to Stephanie Miller? If you do, you'll understand this. Her sidekick, a superb voice guy and impressionist, imitates Rangel. Because of his "Charlie Rangel?" line, a little kid sent in her version of the same line, as Rangel which is hilarious.

I wish she was old enough to learn the quote in your post and record it, too. GREAT quote.


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