Friday, April 20, 2007

Mitch McConnell Forced To Return More Money From Jack Abramoff Than Any Member Of The US Senate

Just a reminder to the folks in the Bluegrass State as the Senate race begins to heat up:

Senators Donating Abramoff-Related Funds to Charity:
1. Mitch McConnell - $18,500
2. Ted Stevens $17,500
3. Kit Bond - $12,500
4. Judd Gregg - $12,000
5. Johnny Isakson - $9,000

Could this be another hint as to why McConnell was so adamant about allowing Leadership PAC's to earmark donations to other members of Congress? Sounds so similar to Mr. Tom DeLay...From a September 5, 2005 article by David Broder:
Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican whip, arranged to have an amendment added to an appropriations bill that would loosen the restrictions on "leadership PACs," the campaign committees that many leading members of both parties use to funnel money into the campaigns of their colleagues and their parties as a way of garnering support for future leadership contests. Now, transfers from those committees are limited in size. McConnell's amendment would erase those limits.
Anyone want to take a look at all the upstanding leaders that Mitch McConnell earmarked campaign contributions for?

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Beyond corrupt.


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