Friday, April 13, 2007

Lets Hope She Didn't Learn That At Home...

The Hillbilly Report
just posted an old piece from its archives on a July 17, 2003 Albany Times Union story on Mitch McConnell's daughter:
The first sign of trouble came last year when one couple learned their daughter had been strapped into her chair with a leather belt.

Since then, more than a dozen parents have removed their elementary school youngsters amid complaints about disciplinary tactics by one of the teachers at Hawthorne Valley. Punishment included tying the hands of students and taping their mouths shut if they misbehaved.

The teacher who doled it out, Claire McConnell, apologized, saying in a June 24 letter, ``I am sorry for my disciplinary misjudgment, very sorry. ... I request your forgiveness.''


At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DOZENS of parents complained? Geez...

She should lose her teaching license. Actually, she should have been thrown in jail. Could you imagine what would have happened had a parent tied their kids hands or tied them to a chair to discipline them? That's outright child abuse isn't it?

If it were my child or had to endure her discipline, there would have been more than a complaint to the school, someone would have found her tied and bound to a chair on the front steps of the school one morning, with a nice dunce cap on her head.


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