Wednesday, April 18, 2007

KY Gov. Candidate Bruce Lunsford Accused Of Plagiarism

Bruce Lunsford, the former supporter of Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher and President George W. Bush, is currently masquerading as a Democrat in the Kentucky Governor's race. It now looks like that is not the only fraud he is perpetrating. Bluegrass Report has a story that Lunsford lifted his campaign platform from former Florida Gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis:
The Great Deceiver Bruce Lunsford (D) is again trying to fool the voters by flat-out misrepresenting his ideas and his vision, this time going on television with his "Blueprint for Change" when in fact he lifted, verbatim, large chunks of the plan from the failed 2006 candidacy of Florida gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis.
For more on this story, check out the and the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Update: The Louisville Courier Journal has a story: "Lunsford platform draws from Fla. candidate's"


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