Saturday, April 21, 2007

First, thanks so much for dragging yourself away from the AWESOME entertainment at tonites White House Correspondents Dinner.

Rich Little ran his schtick out in 1978. What more to love?
Don Rickles to replace Imus? Now there is a story.

TONIGHT, this man turns 60 years old.

If you were here, you'd hear me go.... "WAAAARRGGGGHHHH"

1970. Dude, this rocks. Listen to clueless old white man blather.

37 years later, old man still hangs.


I'm on the up end, but still get ticked when I hear Zeppelin in a car ad.

Happy Birthday Iggy and all the Boomers who still kick posterior!!!


At 12:06 AM, Blogger Isabella and Victoria said...

I saw the Igster in Chicago this week.

12th time.

I've seen him in Detroit, Baltimore, DC, NY, and Chicago.

Saw him booed off the stage in Detroit when he opened for the Stones at Pontiac Silverdome. That was tough.

Never thought I would see the Stooges. Guess if you live long enough....

Let me share my favorite Iggy memory.

Detroit, Cobo Hall. I forget the year, but ain't that the way it should be?

Iggy is the opening act for the Pretenders (before everyone died).

He does 45 minutes of the best R&R ever seen. Hands down. Cleanest 45 minute set I've ever seen. I have it on tape somewhere in a closet or attic, anyways...

Chrissy Hynde walks out to start her set...drops to her knees...kisses the stage...and announces "Iggy stood here".

The crowd went wild.

Iggy is the master. No one comes close.


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