Sunday, January 14, 2007

Great piece in yesterday's New York Times about the tragic war that is based on underlying racism, police state control, ideology over logic, ignoring the facts on the ground and creating failed states that are a potential danger to the US.

Oh, you thought I meant Iraq? No, its precursor, the retarded-beyond-Jenna-and-the-other-one policy known as the War on Drugs.

You need to be a Times Select subscriber to read the whole thing. But here is a taste:

America’s unwillingness to recognize the socioeconomic context of the drug crisis at home and abroad, to see that being surrounded by failing states threatens its security, to provide aid where it is most effective, and to acknowledge that the root cause of this hemispheric disaster is not supply but its own citizens’ insatiable demand for illicit drugs, is as incomprehensible as the quagmire in Iraq.

Another "war" where our forces need to be redeployed immediately.


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