Saturday, November 11, 2006

My good friend Steve Benen over at The Carpetbagger Report has exactly the right take on Karl Rove's increasingly desperate statements. The eternal sack of sebum himself, who is so greasy he makes oil jealous, is "taking solace in Lieberman's win in Connecticut."

So that is what this onetime supposed Rasputin is reduced to, after taking the post-9/11 90% approval rating for his guy and turning it into a 31% approval rating and an ass-kicking in the midterms that is unprecedented, in that the Republicans did not pick up a single Democratic Congressional seat (additionally on the state legislative level the Republicans were crushed). He is excited that an independent that will caucus with the Democrats beat a real Democrat.

You must be so proud Karl. Although there is still time to out another undercover agent or two if you act quickly.

Pathetic Loser


At 6:13 PM, Blogger Mary Ellen said...

The spin machine is already in action. First they are saying that this is still a "conservative" House. Then they say that "it isn't unusual to switch to another majority in the sixth year of a Presidency", and now all I've heard is, "so, when are the Dems going to fix this mess in Iraq, what are they waiting for?"

If the Dems get a bill through the House and Senate, and Bush signs the bill, it will be Bush and the Republicans who will get the credit for working in a bi-partisan way. If a bill doesn't make it through the House and Senate, it will be the Dems fault for not working in a bi-partisan way. Either way, in their eyes, we've already failed.

I just hope the American people don't buy it.

I was sure that Rove would be out by the end of the week. I was surprised at how fast they dumped Rummy, and I wasn't expecting Mehlman to go so least until the end of the year, before they announced it. I have to wonder if Rove has so much dirt on Cheney and Bush, that they can't let him go.

At 6:20 PM, Blogger LieparDestin said...

Its funny how they say that Webb and Talent got elected because they are 'conservative' but then brag about Liebermans win, a social and economic liberal. Go figure


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