Tuesday, July 10, 2007

MSNBC Tops CNN In Prime Demo For Week

MSNBC edged CNN in the 25-54 demo in primetime last week.

The cabler benefited from three hours of To Catch A Predator on July 4. And Countdown with Keith Olbermann trounced Glenn Beck's 8pm specials all week.
For the week of July 2, MSNBC delivered 201,000 demo in prime, while CNN had 193,000 and FNC had 307,000. In total viewers, MSNBC had 523,000, CNN had 616,000, and FNC had 1,176,000.

Anyone with a brain would have know Beck didn't have a chance.


At 3:02 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

Mmmm Keith....

At 2:59 AM, Blogger Kirsten said...

Amen, sister.


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