Thursday, July 19, 2007

Congrats To Dave Johnson

His great blog, Seeing The Forest, just had it's five year anniversary. I am not sure that I knew what a blog was back then. Obviously, no Early Adapter am I.

Here is his first post, Ralph Nader is a scab, with which I heartily agree:

In the union movement we learned the hard way that the only way to fight the moneyed interests is to stick together. It's called SOLIDARITY. It's what "union" MEANS. When unions are in a fight the members stick together, and those crossing the lines are called "scabs".

In the 2000 election it was the usual fragile Democratic coalition fighting the usual moneyed interests. Ralph Nader broke the solidarity, divided the coalition, and lost us the election. Ralph Nader is a scab.
Once again Dave, all the best pal, and keep it going!


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Good site.


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