Friday, August 24, 2007

I think if you look up the word incompetent in the dictionary, they have a special notation for the Detroit School Superintendants...

Detroit Schools must pay $6 million for illegal alternative programs

The controversial Detroit alternative high schools run by local church and community groups were set up illegally and as a result the Detroit Public Schools has to pay a $6-million fine, according to the Michigan Department of Education.

The programs, called contract schools, operated under contracts between the school district and local groups. Organizations were paid at least $9 million over the past two years to recruit and educate dropouts.


A Free Press investigation this year showed that some of the schools were run by groups that had no educational experience and no training from DPS officials on how to comply with local and state educational requirements. Officials also could not confirm attendance numbers to determine whether the schools were being paid for students who didn’t attend. Separate drop-in visits by the Free Press and school officials to sites showed low attendance, and at least two sites had no students present.

Whether on purpose or thru stupidity I guess is yet to be decided.