Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Love Bush Again!

I went over to the National Review Online to see the reaction to the Libby pardon. I was struck by the following comment from Kathryn Jean Lopez, the residential lightweight.

I've been diagnosed with Bush Estrangement Syndrome in recent weeks. I feel a little less estranged tonight.

That's right ladies and gents. She's been disappointed with Bush's failures, from Iraq to immigration. She started to doubt this President. But he's won her back, and ll he needed to do was pardon a convicted felon. If he would have bombed Iran, she might have broken out her "I Love Bush" t-shirt and pom-poms. Today's modern day conservatives, lemmings without the intelligence.


At 11:45 AM, Blogger Fernando said...


Let them know you want Impeachment proceedings. Here's what I sent if you want to copy/paste it in

I am writing to urge this committee to consider begining Impeachment procedings upon the President and Vice President of this country

It is clear to me, after careful review, that they are conspiring to break the laws of our country. Their blatant disregard for your committee, Congress in general, and the American people has gone on long enough.

If this is allowed to continue then it is the Congress of these United States that is enabling this abuse of it's citizens.

IT MUST STOP. The clemancy of I Scooter Libby is the absolute last straw in contempt for the rule of law. Make your presence heard.
Please begin the proceedings now, do it out of principal not out of politics.


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