Sunday, May 20, 2007

DownWithTyranny! Explores Mitch McConnell's Opposition To Allowing Seniors To Import Cheap Prescription Drugs

The national blog DownWithTyranny! has a post on Mitch McConnell’s hypocrisy on his opposition to importing prescription drugs from Canada and his investments in Chinese corporations. McConnell’s opposition to allowing senior citizens to buy cheap prescription drugs from Canada is particularly interesting, given that he ordered Anne Northup to support such measures due to electoral concerns in her Louisville district. This could be a major issue in Louisville and for senior citizens across the state in 2008.

The always cynical and self-serving McConnell was key in rejecting a bill that would have allowed senior citizens to purchase inexpensive Canadian drugs because, he claimed, the U.S. couldn’t guarantee their safety. When someone brings up the safety of Chinese products to McConnell he turns into a veritable dragon lady, screaming and hissing and cursing about “Free Trade.”

Another excerpt from the post that involved the importation of tainted foods from China into the United States was also intriguing, and the potential influence of McConnell’s investments in Chinese corporations over his votes was also interesting, and something that I’m sure will be further explored.

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