Thursday, April 19, 2007

****Updated as I go, not legal transcript, ignore typos.

Sen Leahy speaking, recapping the past lies and "mispeaks". Gonzo has his mouth puckered in a very unattractive moue.

"If nothing improper was done, then people need to tell us the truth, the whole truth...... If there is nothing to hide, then the White House should stop hiding it"

I'm not fast enought to get all of what Leahy is saying, but let me tell you, Leahy is getting some severe digs in.

Specter next. Blah blah, achievements of Gonzo.... distinguished record... role model as first Hispanic AG. (bleh) Specter listing inconsistencies (lies).

Specter giving Gonzo benefit of doubt. Should be given ability to defend himself.
If one of the attys were improperly removed, they could be re-instated.

In effort to remove himself from process, if you were not part of process, how can you provide leadership on tough matters. "Re-Confirmation Hearing".

Heh. Schumer "no "I don't recalls". Every lawyer knows that cases are often made without the murder weapon. If the Prez orders firing of every AG with an IQ over 120, he is certainly within his power. But if the congress didn't question it, they wouldn't be doing their job.

Sessions. Poor Gonzo, tough job, heavy burden. Hard work. Ability to lead in question. You are a good person. (WTF does that have to do with anything)

Gonzo being sworn in.

(I am going to consolidate and update later. Lots o' shit)


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