Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stephen Colbert to Battle Sean Penn in Fight to Finish on Thursday

I knew this was gonna be a fun week!!

NEW YORK Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert says he has had enough of the man he calls "Spicoli" and "Mr. Madonna."

A recent antiwar speech by actor Sean Penn in which he referred to pundits in President Bush's pocket who "bathe" in his underwear really got the star of the "Colbert Report" riled -- so he challenged Penn to a "metaphor-off" on his show.

Now he has just announced -- Penn has accepted, and the battle will be aired on Thursday night.

"I told Mr. Penn what I thought of his second rate wordsmithery right on this show," Colbert said, in challenging him to a duel. "Well, Sean Penn has accepted my challenge. I drew a line in the sand and he picked up the gauntlet. Soon we will see who has the stones to bring home the bacon.

"This metaphor battle is at the starting gate and I am ready for liftoff."

Battle ON!!!


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Paddy said...

Dammit, I only bought enough popcorn for the Gonzales hearings!!
Now I need to go out for more.


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