Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hawpe: The Time To Defeat McConnell May Be Now

David Hawpe's column in the Louisville Courier-Journal this morning notes that even in the midst of the Governor's race, excitement was gearing up inside a union hall rally to start working to replace Mitch McConnell:

His (Rep. John Yarmuth) biggest applause line was a prediction that Kentucky would choose itself a new U.S. senator next year. A number of the assembled politicos grabbed their "Ditch Mitch" buttons (never mind that this is a gubernatorial year) and jerked them in the direction of the Gettelfinger Hall podium.

There's a special intensity at the moment, among those who have waited, waited, and waited some more, for a moment when Mitch McConnell might finally be vulnerable. With McConnell unabashedly continuing as a George W. Bush enabler, and an Iraq War defender, they think this is it.


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Remove the Republican liar. Vote with your feet, take out Mitch.


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