Thursday, April 19, 2007

And You Thought Imus Was Bad

I know I promised no more links to ESPN, but this story is amazing. It's about an 8 year old being discriminated against, either because he's too good at hockey or because he speaks in English (he plays peewee hockey in Quebec). Worth a read.


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I wasn't sure what you were driving at with the "And You Thought Imus Was Bad" header. But looking at the text I get the impression you're going with the anti-French sentiment of the story, or should I say the implied anti-English bias of the youth hockey establishment in Quebec (Qu├ębec - Kaybeck).

I'd say you're wrong (if it's the latter case). The story has no substance. The basis for the ban of the player central to the story is never established because it was in French, which apparently no one understands nor was willing to send a French speaking representative to understand. Now being an English only speaking child of Quebec I've no particular love for Quebec French authority. "I too remember." Can you say "munchkins?" Still, this story has so many holes in it and so many implications of anti-French feeling with a refusal to get beyond those feelings that the Imus quality seemed apt, though more accurately directed at the English of the story, including the author of the article.

Firstly, describing a kid that seems to be about twice the size of others in his age group as a "cherub" who "doesn't look like he's capable of an impure thought -- never mind anything that would get him thrown out of a game, let alone a league" ignores the very nature of hockey, where cherubic behavior isn't exactly something trained for, even on the "pee wee" level. Think about hockey. Think about having your child playing against a kid twice his size and getting pounded and quite likely literally beaten on a regular basis by that same kid. Maybe there is a problem with the division level of this particular team. Maybe some parents and coaches of other teams have made complaints and those complaints don't simply relate to a five goal per game average of apparently more than one of the players on the team.

Now I'm speculating (though not about the violent nature of youth "pee wee" hockey - I've seen it - instant corner fights - WWE caricatures without the choreography) but the article is full of speculation and innuendo with suggestions of ethnic bias but zero actual indications of any such bias other than in the writing itself.


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