Friday, February 23, 2007

Hey folks. Just got back to DC and had to write my Ablog piece. I have a few things I would like to write about that I will put up tonight and tomorrow, including the whole Paula Zahn experience.

But let's start with this: Rush Limbaugh attacked me today on his radio show. For attacking him. He left out my best line of course, about him and a pound a day of Oxycontin. But it's Rush we're talking about, so 75% accuracy is a wonderful day:


RUSH: Last night on CNN's Paula Zahn Now they were talking about hip-hop, the music, the culture, and the lyrics. Somehow my name came up in this discussion. The guest was somebody named Cliff Schecter, an expert. Never heard of him. He's from, and this is what he said.

SCHECTER: There's misogyny throughout our culture. We just elected a new speaker of the House and Nancy Pelosi is a woman and all we heard all week were on her pantsuits, what this one looked like, what that one looked like. We didn't hear things about policy. You've got people on the right who are going out and screaming every day, people like Rush Limbaugh who scream feminazi, feminazi, feminazi.
Poor Rush, free baser on the fritz today?


At 7:42 PM, Blogger GottaLaff said...

I caught that little comment of yours, even though you were being overtalked a lot last night. Nice little zing, Bulldog.

I wanted to see way more of you. It seemed that Paula was giving the others a little more talk time. Or am I imagining that?

The fact that Rash Limpmember gave you a mention means a couple of things:
One, you got under his skin. Bwahahahaa! And Two: You're making a helluva name for yourself.

"Never heard of him." Yeah, right.

Pretty soon that'll be like saying he never heard of Jon Stewart.

What a putz. A limp putz, but a putz just the same.

At 7:51 PM, Blogger Paddy said...

Please don't make me think of Rushs' "thing".


Badge of honor there Cliffie!!!

At 8:25 PM, Blogger Cliff Schecter said...

I know...I am so happy he mentioned me. And then edited my real comment out of the "transcript"..We are going to nail him (oohhh another bad visual) on Monday for that, don't worry...(I have some big blogger friends who are on it)..

At 12:10 AM, Blogger Fernando said...

Ewwwwww. Rush formed your name with his lips. Ewwwwww.

At 12:44 AM, Blogger Ashen Shard said...

Oh my god, I clicked through to his website without checking the link. I feel unclean now.

At 1:10 AM, Blogger Ashen Shard said...

BTW, that pic of Rush in the top left corner reminds me of John Lithgow's character of B.Z. in the movie Santa Claus.
Am I making a stretch on this one, or do others see the similarities? Or, maybe a more pertinent question, has anyone seen the movie I'm referring to?

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Check this out. Limbaugh has often said "I have never heard of him" before when someone has attacked him. Even though there is proof that he did. Here's just one example...and there are many.

It could be all the drugs he takes that's killing his memory...and other things.

At 8:24 AM, Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Oh...sorry. You have to scroll down to the "Worthless Little Book I've Never Heard Of" section.

Ok...Cliff, after the McCain book you need to do a book about Limbaugh. I know others have already done this,like Al Franken, but there is sooo much more material out now that hasn't been covered.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Cliff Schecter said...

Mary Ellen, I can't reveal all right now, but when this book is done, I have a book proposal in mind that will cover Limbaugh and a few of his friends in "the industry." So in a manner of speaking, my next book will be on him, as long as I get a publisher interested in it.

At 10:37 PM, Blogger John Good said...

Anyone who can get under Limpball's skin is A-1 in my book. . .

At 10:31 AM, Blogger Paul Curtis said...

Like being gummed by a newt, Cliff - or so I hear.

Been meaning to tell you how much I love your work, btw. So there it is.

At 11:05 PM, Blogger bushtheidiot said...

Poor Rush, free baser on the fritz today?

Free Baser. I love it.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger The Doc said...

It's behind a membership screen and the LAST thing I want is to sign up for his 24/7. Can you post the attack?

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you are downplaying `baugh's Oxy intake. He was around 1lb a day years ago. By now he's probably tripled that. He must have had the closed captioning on, btw.

At 5:21 AM, Blogger Richard J. Palmer said...

I will back up anyone in the world who can put a dent in that blowhard's
life. He is a hairy wart on the nose of humanity.

Like most thinking people, I cannot bear to listen to him and his lies. He and the crew at Fox News are worse than Himmler, Goebbels and Goehring put together. They no nothing but how to spew hatred and they are beholden to the most ignorant of men, George W. Bush, the dunce of the world.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger Cheyanne said...

commenting on the comment made by Mary Ellen, because she's also noticed the Rush line used over and over and over again "I've never heard of him" He's done this to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, probably Colbert too, I believe this is Rush's way of proving they are not worthy of his having heard of them, therefore they are nobody.This adds to the hillbilly mentality of his listeners who also have not heard of anyone out in rural sheeple land...and believe me they abound out there. Thanks Mary Ellen, I noticed that you noticed too. I think we have a club now.


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