Saturday, October 07, 2006


Fedora-wearing, self-loathing, buffoon Matt Drudge and thrice married, donut inhaling, oxycontin-jockey Rush Limbaugh have now pioneered a new strategy for defending their fellow morally repugnant members of the GOP who like to hit on high school kids.

Blame the pages who were cyber-molested.

I am not kidding. Cenk Uygur has the story at Huffpost.

It is sad and pathetic, but then again, so are guys who won't admit their own sexuality and need to take little red pills down to the Dominican Republic to troll the streets for ladies of the night.

So we really shouldn't be surprised at all by the behavior of Drudge or Limbaugh. And I'm sure nobody here is.

Just another example of that herpes sore on the body politic known as The Right.


At 2:42 PM, Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Oh yeah, Rush Limbaugh...what an icon. My first reaction when I heard about his remarks was to ask him how he would feel if he had a 16 year old son who received those e-mails. Then, I realized that it was better not to say anything, he might get the idea to start breeding, and we can't have that!

The lovely James Dobson said the e-mails were just a little joke. I wish that guy would focus on his own damned family. I wasn't surprised by his comment, however. It must have been difficult for the Republican whores to come up with an excuse for Foley. I wonder where they found the bible quote, "thou shalt not screw the political party of your choice, but it's ok to do it to 16 year old boys". I must have missed that passage.


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